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How to Get Verified on Twitter (X) in 2024

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With over half a billion users buzzing around Twitter every month, standing out in this chaotic chatter is now harder than it has ever been. And let’s face it: in a world where your competitor might have more followers than you, you need something that will make you stand out. Getting that blue checkmark next to your name is one way to get noticed.

But hold your emoji-laden tweets because that blue checkmark isn’t awarded just like that. You’ve got to go through an obstacle course of algorithms, community guidelines, and eligibility requirements to earn it.

Good news to aspiring influencers, comedians, and internet wizards tired of living the unverified life in the Twittersphere. You’re about to learn how to get verified on Twitter for free in 2024.

In this blog post, I’ll share strategies that will take you one step closer to that illustrious blue badge. I also recommend that you arm yourself with a Twitter scheduler so you can create, plan, schedule, and analyze your Twitter posts like a champ!

What Does Twitter Verification Mean

Twitter is like a huge online crowd where everyone’s chatting and posting stuff. But sometimes, you might want to know if someone is really who they say they are, like a famous person or a well-known brand.

Twitter verification is like a special badge that shows up next to someone’s name. When you see this checkmark on Twitter, it means that the person or brand that bears it has been checked and confirmed by Twitter. They’re not pretending to be someone else–they’re the real deal.

Take a look at all these people using Barack Obama’s image and name.

A snapshot of Twitter search
A snapshot of Twitter search

To identify the real Barack Obama, all you need to do is check the blue checkmark next to his name and you’ll know for sure you’ve got the right person.

A snapshot of Twitter search
A snapshot of Twitter search

So, the verification badge is like a stamp of authenticity, differentiating you from the fakes and impersonators.

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How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2024

Prior to March 2023, Twitter enforced the Legacy Verification Policy that took into consideration accounts’ activeness, notability or authenticity before awarding the blue checkmark. The company started winding down their Legacy Verification Program starting April 1, 2023, paving the way for a new verification program. Change was in the air!

A snapshot of a Twitter post
A snapshot of a Twitter post

Source: @elonmusk

So, to be eligible for that coveted blue checkmark in 2024, you need to have an active subscription to X Premium. This is an opt-in, paid subscription that provides extra features to enhance your experience on X. There are three tiers to consider, i.e. Basic, Premium, and Premium+.

So, if you were verified under the previous criteria, you won’t keep that precious blue checkmark unless you undergo Premium Sign Up. Aside from having a Twitter Blue subscription, X has some eligibility criteria in place to keep things fair and square.

Eligibility Criteria for Twitter Verification

Getting a Twitter Blue subscription takes you one step closer to that blue badge. The next step is ensuring that you meet the eligibility criteria for Twitter verification.

The following are the standards your X Premium account must meet to get verified on Twitter:

  • Profile completeness: Ensure your account has a display name and profile photo.
  • Active status: Keep your account buzzing by being active in the past 30 days while subscribed to X Premium.
  • Account security: Make sure your account has a confirmed phone number.
  • No Tricks, No Deception: No funny business allowed! Your account should have had no recent changes to your profile photo, display name, or username (@handle). Plus, it must be crystal clear and not give off any misleading vibes. In other words, no spamming or tricky business, okay?

Once the verification team at X takes a peek at your Premium-subscribed account and sees it checks all these boxes, they may approve your Twitter verification application and that blue checkmark may pop up next to your name within no time.

Tips for Increasing Your Chances of Getting Verified on Twitter

There are approximately 294,000 verified Twitter accounts, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who seeks verification gets it. Luckily, there are several strategies to increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter without being famous. They include:

  1.  Be Active on Twitter

    Twitter loves to see real people engaging with the platform. Regularly share your thoughts, interests, and even a bit of your personal side. Don’t just tweet, but also respond to others, retweet interesting content, and be a part of conversations. Show Twitter that you’re not just a profile but an active member of the community.

  2. Include Links to Verified Accounts in Your Bio

    This is another verified Twitter hack that can expedite the approval of your Twitter verification application. Include links to accounts that are already verified and relevant to your identity or profession. It helps Twitter understand your network and can add weight to your verification request.

  3. Highlight Your Authenticity

    Be yourself. Share your story, your journey, and what makes you unique. Let people see the real person behind the tweets. Authenticity shines, and Twitter appreciates genuine individuals. If you have a story to tell, it makes you more relatable and real.

  4. Highlight Your Achievements

    Don’t be shy to toot your own horn a bit. Share your accomplishments, milestones, and experiences. Whether it’s a project you worked on, an award you received, or a goal you achieved, let your followers and Twitter know. It’s not bragging; it’s showcasing your hard work and success.

  5. Position Your Account for Public Interest

    Think about what makes your account interesting to the public. Share content that educates, entertains or inspires. If your tweets resonate with a broader audience, it’s more likely that Twitter will see your account as one of public interest. Share your passions, hobbies, and insights – you never know who might find them intriguing.

    Remember, behind every tweet and every profile is a real person. Adding that human touch to your Twitter presence not only makes the platform more enjoyable for you but also increases your chances of standing out when you apply for that coveted blue checkmark. So, tweet with heart, share your story, and let your authenticity shine.

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The Importance of Verifying Your Twitter Account

You’re probably wondering why this little blue badge is coveted like the last slice of pizza at a party. Well, there are several reasons why verifying your Twitter account should feature on your social media marketing priority list.

Here’s why it’s important to verify your Twitter account:

  1. Authenticity and Credibility

    Social media users are discerning; they seek information from sources they can trust. Brand authenticity and credibility stand as essential pillars to building lasting relationships and fostering trust with the audience.

    Authenticity implies transparency, a genuine reflection of a brand’s values, personality, and mission. When brands consistently convey their true identity, users are more likely to connect on a personal level, forming a foundation of trust.

    Credibility, on the other hand, is the currency of reliability and expertise. A credible brand that delivers on promises and provides accurate, valuable content becomes a go-to resource. Together, authenticity and credibility not only attract and retain a loyal audience but also insulate a brand from the pitfalls of skepticism and doubt.

    The Twitter verification badge serves as a powerful tool for a brand to establish authenticity and credibility. It acts as a visual stamp of approval, verifying an account owner’s identity and authenticity. This assures users that they are interacting with the genuine and official account of the brand, preventing confusion and deterring impersonation.

  2. Faster Detection, Reporting, and Resolution

    Users and the platform community are more vigilant when it comes to verified accounts. Any suspicious activity or impersonation attempts are more likely to be noticed and reported promptly. Faster detection allows platforms to take swift action against impersonators, minimizing the potential harm to the brand’s reputation.

    Furthermore, X has an impersonation defence policy in place to protect verified accounts from impersonation. In addition, verified accounts often have access to premium support channels and have a higher level of visibility when reporting issues. This helps to expedite the resolution of issues related to impersonation, ensuring that the legitimate brand maintains control over its online presence.

  3. Visibility and Recognition

    Imagine Twitter is having a huge party, and everyone’s chatting. Having the blue checkmark is like wearing a sparkly hat that makes you stand out. People notice you more, and your tweets get more attention. It’s your way of saying, “Hey, I’m here, and I’ve got something cool to share.”

    So, a Twitter verification badge serves as a visual cue that sets the brand apart from other accounts. It becomes an integral part of the brand’s identity on the platform, contributing to its distinctiveness.

    Having a verification badge can increase your brand’s visibility by ensuring your tweets are more likely to appear prominently in your followers’ timelines. This enhanced visibility helps your brand reach a larger audience and ensures that its messaging doesn’t get lost in the noise of social media.

    Additionally, in trending topics and discussions, tweets from verified accounts are prominently featured. This can ensure that your brand is not only seen by your existing followers but also by those exploring relevant topics or trends.

  4. Enhanced Professionalism

    Professionalism is synonymous with reliability. When a brand conducts itself professionally on social media, it instils confidence in its audience. Users are more likely to trust a brand that presents itself polished and consistently.

    Professionalism also ensures that a brand’s messaging, tone, and visual elements are consistent across all social media interactions. This consistency helps in establishing a clear and recognizable brand identity.

    The blue checkmark is like wearing a suit to a fancy event for businesses, famous folks, news reporters, or online stars. It makes you look sharp and serious. It’s your professional outfit on Twitter, showing everyone that you mean business and you’re someone important.

    With this badge, you’ll showcase your professionalism, further solidifying your trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of the audience.

  5. Access to Extra Features and Perks

    Sometimes, having the blue checkmark is like having a VIP pass. You might get extra cool stuff that others don’t. It’s like being part of a special club with secret perks. You get to use tools and features that make your Twitter experience even more awesome, including:

    Advanced Analytics

    Verified accounts often gain access to more detailed analytics and insights about their Twitter activity. This includes information on tweet performance, audience demographics, and engagement metrics. These advanced analytics can be crucial for individuals and entities looking to understand their online presence better and tailor their content to their audience.

    Custom Profile Options

    Verified users may be granted additional options to customize their profiles. This can include unique visual elements, custom badges, or other aesthetic features that distinguish them from regular accounts. The ability to personalize profiles further helps verified users establish and reinforce their brand identity on the platform.

    Early Access to New Features

    Twitter may offer verified accounts early access to upcoming features or updates before they are rolled out to the general user base. This not only allows verified users to stay at the forefront of platform developments but also provides them with the opportunity to provide feedback and shape the features based on their needs.

    Participation in Special Programs or Promotions

    Verified accounts may be invited to participate in special programs, partnerships, or promotional activities initiated by Twitter. This could include collaborative campaigns, exclusive events, or other initiatives that amplify the reach and influence of verified users on the platform.

  6. Partnerships and Collaborations

    Partnerships and collaborations play a crucial role in the success and growth of brands across various industries. These collaborative efforts can bring a multitude of benefits, fostering brand expansion, reaching new audiences, and enhancing overall brand credibility.

    In the collaborative space, where the reputation of each party involved is at stake, having a verified account ensures that the brand is the real deal. Verified accounts are more likely to be viewed as authoritative and trustworthy, making potential collaborators more confident in entering into partnerships with the brand.

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Is It Still Worth It to Get Verified on Twitter?

Taking the above benefits of getting verified on X into account, I’d say that getting verified on Twitter is, without a doubt, worth it. Nevertheless, the worth of getting verified on Twitter may depend on individual goals and the nature of the account.

For individuals, brands, or public figures looking to establish trust and recognition, the verification badge can be a powerful tool. It signals to the audience that the account is legitimate and can foster a sense of credibility. It’s especially beneficial for those who want to build a strong online presence and be easily distinguishable from fake or impersonator accounts.

On the other hand, some users may prioritize different aspects of their social media strategy. For example, engagement, content quality, and community building are crucial factors that contribute to success on social media. While verification can enhance these aspects indirectly by boosting trust, users with different goals may choose to focus on other strategies.

Ultimately, the decision to pursue Twitter verification should align with the broader social media goals and priorities of the account owner. Whether it’s about building trust, reaching a wider audience, or fostering engagement, each user can tailor their strategy to what matters most for their unique online presence.

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In Conclusion

While the pursuit of the coveted blue checkmark continues to be a goal for many users, it’s crucial to recognize that the verification landscape on social media sites can be dynamic, evolving over time. Social media platforms, including Twitter, may periodically update their verification policies and criteria to adapt to changing circumstances and user needs and to maintain the integrity of the verification system. So, when searching for how to get verified on Twitter, it’s best to keep checking out official communications and guidelines provided by the platform to stay informed about the current verification process and any associated benefits.

Amidst the challenges and evolving criteria, a social media management tool like Social Champ can play a pivotal role in managing and enhancing your social media presence. With its suite of features and functionalities, this platform provides valuable assistance in maintaining an active and engaging online presence. Harnessing the tool can significantly contribute to maintaining a robust and engaging Twitter profile, inching closer to the goal of earning that elusive blue checkmark.


1. How Many Followers Do You Need to Get Verified on Twitter?

While having a substantial following might indicate a level of public interest, Twitter primarily considers authenticity, prominence, and public interest as key factors for verification.

2. How Do You Get a Blue Check on Twitter?

To get the blue verification badge on Twitter, you need to meet Twitter’s eligibility criteria. This typically includes having a complete profile, being active, proving your authenticity, and demonstrating that your account is of public interest. You can apply for verification through Twitter’s verification request process, where Twitter’s team will review your account for consideration. There’s no specific threshold of followers required for verification.

3. Can You Pay to Be Verified on Twitter?

Twitter does not offer a paid service or direct method to pay for verification. The verification process is based on meeting specific criteria set by Twitter. So, you can get verified on Twitter for free as long as you meet the criteria. Nevertheless, be cautious of any third-party services claiming to guarantee verification for a fee, as these are often scams and can lead to account suspension or other penalties.

4. Can I Get Verified With 400 Followers?

Luckily, there’s no minimum followers for Twitter verification. The number of followers, whether it’s 400 or any other specific count, isn’t the sole determinant for verification. A Huffpost Report highlighted several Twitter accounts that got verified with less than 50 followers. Twitter primarily assesses authenticity, prominence, and public interest. While a larger following can indicate significance, having 400 followers doesn’t automatically disqualify you. So, focus on meeting all eligibility criteria and showcasing why your account is of public interest.

5. How Do You Get Verified on Twitter With 0 Followers?

While having a significant following can sometimes be a factor, having zero followers doesn’t disqualify you from being verified on Twitter for free. Focus on meeting Twitter’s eligibility criteria, including having a complete and active profile, proving authenticity, and demonstrating your account’s relevance or public interest. If you manage to do so, you may increase your chances of getting verified on Twitter without being famous.
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