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Recycling is one of the best activities to save time and get more, either it’s about the environment or your digital ecosystem. Content Recycling is basically a proper way to leave long-lasting impressions for a longer time period so basically. A quality content having a hundred percent of your mind, interest, knowledge, and capabilities does not deserve to be in vain at all but to be evergreen. 

Recycling your content either it’s a two-lined social media post, a complete infographic or a complete blog gives an SEO boost and helps to reach a new audience, reinforce your message, and gain extra authority.

“The content you make is not THE thing, it’s just the FIRST version of that thing.”

~ Jay Baer

Understanding the ways of content recycling is one of the most important things while getting on it. Here’s a clear line between republishing and recycling, first of all. This blog will show you a deep sense and observation on recycling of your generated content. So let’s get started!

What is Content Recycling?

Mostly, people got muddled in content recycling and have a false notion of it. First of all, we see a confusion of content recycling or repurposing by content revamping, as I have mentioned above there is a huge difference between both, while recycling of your old content has an extreme note.

Recycling your old content clearly means proper reuse of pre-developed and pre-discussed content with re-idealization, re-conceptualization, and new formatting from older one; to hit some new target, to get maximum from the existing content and information, or to maintain the online presence keep breathing either it is something to throw in trendy debate or showcasing even in offseason maybe to a newer audience.

Problems around the Globe!

People often create quality and worthy content by putting in hours with a lot of effort, including a number of facts, points, quality information, but somehow it could not get too much applause and traffic as it really deserves. There are two ways either let that content be pushed in the last row or climb again to get maximum from it.

The second possibility here is alright you have made great impressive content and it has gotten too much traffic and sign-ups but guess what? ‘It is not just ended here.’ Many of us just put it aside to let it get old. Mostly we have seen, we just let go of this content by considering it unworthy or old though it has much more, to take out the juice of. While reality can be much different and better.

We can keep our generated content present and be breathing every time by repeating it or part of it at some proper interval. Your topic can be not just relevant for every time but also attractive and beneficial, with a number of interested readers and learners from it. That content is not so outdated or out of the debate, has to be found in the top list online by search engines but a lower momentum over this content can be a result of a flop strategy or a poor connection with your targeted audience.

Maybe it was on the first google page in recent months or years just after producing or publishing and still has the capability to be searched again and again and again by newer people or older audiences but in a different context.

What We Find In Our Community

It has really been a long time since we see the above-discussed confusions and hesitation about content recycling in a large number of people, especially the one who is just on utilizing one or a few digital marketing channels in the Social Champ Community.  We have seen a lot of people are a world of good, quality, comprehensive and meaningful content in themselves and has even produced it but somehow could not get as much traffic as they want or deserve, here are the following possibilities.

1. Maybe the marketing and display of that content were not proper. Probably you have forgotten it to show your content on other digital medium or having a bad or relatively worse strategy of  Search Engine Optimization.

2. Maybe it was just out of the debate. Usually our ‘Quality Content” even got pushed back in row number last when there are something hot and trendy pops out of the blue and everyone ultimately (or naturally) divert their attention on that matter from creating large detailed case studies to every second tweet. For example, you have created a rich content on “Expert guide to INSTAGRAM marketing” with lots of effective points, facts, and a number of unique strategies with proper and authentic information, bibliographical,  and references, but suddenly LinkedIn announces its new algorithm or Facebook creates a new marketing strategy or (not so) suddenly world’s largest Social Media Conferences comes up.

3. Maybe your stuff is completed and proper and a qualified one for being on the list of quality content but a bit boring. The content you create has nothing new or unique in itself or the audience gets bored by just the topic enough, that they do not give it a shot to read. Sometimes people expect something really big, and peculiar, hitting content especially when you have a good name in content development or your website (or brand) is considered as number one to get ideas and information about the topic and engaged a heavy audience with itself, so it does not seem impressive in that way to catch the hearts rather than just even eyes.

4. Maybe your content has some lackings, either it can be an improper and undefined introduction or some really confusing and perplexed endnote. You have also experienced such thing in your life as the audience. For example you search three different keywords related to one topic on google such as, social media marketing strategy, business development strategy, email marketing strategy, content marketing to get information on the possibly effective digital marketing channels and everytime google throws ABCD article or blog on your search wall at first by the same website, may be for once you open it to read with interest and before you set your notepad to mark out the information, but in just first paragraph you feel it as unclear, indefinite, confusing, undecided with topic, lame or whatever, you start to scroll it down till the final words and guess what your overview and superficial checking could not catch even a single word, and endnote disappoints you too, having no proper conclusion. Similarly yes, when you write a good content with putting lots of effort and collecting so many data and information but having a perplexed, unclear or not so on the point introduction that is a just out and about without proper introduction to the topic and blog or a confusing conclusions with no clear statement, or biased ones it ultimately let people drop their attention on your content.

Otherwise, except for these things you may have introduced quality content once in marketing which later becomes successful but you let it go in vain now, though you can get lots and a lot more from it.

Possibilities and Chances

Wait, wait, wait… there are too many possibilities and chances to pull out the maximum extract from your created content even if you have done some above natural mistakes in your content marketing or in content creation. First of all, there might come chances every time to be improvised. You can easily fix the problems, and recycle your previously created content effectively after a long or short interval if you have some malfunctions in it

1. Poor marketing and fluctuated marketing has never been a problem that sentenced your content to death; doors are not closed to market. For instance, if you ever had a bad marketing or lacked marketing you can be alive at any time. You can start a proper SEO on it by adding proper keywords and solid linking, or if it is going to spam you can make it in a newer form with white hat SEO and boost it on your social media, maybe after a short gap or immediately.

2. Sometimes we create pitch-perfect content with everything good from targeted keywords to marketing, but luck does not compliment us. It is better to wait for setting the trend down into just “common things.” But, if you have written it and pressed the “published button” then nothing has flown out of your hand this time too. You simply can boost it up more powerfully after the sensation gets cooled down. Once the topic has been closed you can go and introduce your written saved content later. If it has something newer and more powerful still not getting attention, ok… Calm down make your title and marketing graphics appealing enough to shout loud in the industry, here you could give a little essence of a sensational trend that is going on, to catch the audience and then hit your solid points smoothly.

3. Well, sometimes you need to pay a little more attention to the “redesigning” of your content. If you have really good stuff but it is getting the old school or has become an expired session, you can make it breathe again. First of all, while repurposing it you can include the latest research or can incorporate the latest information in your content. Secondly repurposing the context of the thing you have written before or presented it’s another edge is not a big deal. Reshaping of context and making it more clear, absolute, and unique not by information but through the point of view is really powerful yet traffic generating, either you let it be a blog, and market it again from the scratch or make some infographic on Pinterest. Eliminating “boring’ from your content and presentation matters a lot for the next time.

4. Old content but a little bit confusing or attention dropping? It is alright, you can do even much better, somehow best in next time. When you feel your content has too many failings and confusion, first of all, you would rewrite it but for recycling it in a more powerful manner simply kick them out, for the next time show a newer context and present it clearly in the beginning. Content recycling means re idealizing of “the same previous one content,” alright? 🙂 then figure out the purpose of your created content, showcase it and give it more unique and broad context. Secondly, elaborate all your details on the blog from ‘whats’ to ‘hows’ everything. In the last give a solid endnote, and conclude every point in your content or agenda you have written before, it may be your opinion or some research, few tips but avoid left it hanging because the main purpose is to inform others rather than create a sensation. Make your latest content smooth, easy-going, and easily connecting with previous one. We here, can add some nicer headings and title and can design it again with confusion and a complex statement. It is better to focus on the context rather than make it out of track.

Now might be possible you have got too many applauses on your content in 2017  but no it is not too old, you can make the above changes as per need in it put it on the display forums. If your successful blog has given 300 clicks in the first month repeating it again (and again) after intervals can lead it up to 500 clicks, which means 200 more clicks.

All you need is just to figure out the best points, select them and create them as your content or simply you can reform or re-conceptualize it into a newer form with new ideas and format, and it would be more affecting by making a new hit on right time.

For example, if you have created some perfect, quality, and successful content on Twitter Marketing in September 2017, it is the right time to recycle it again now when Twitter is going to apply the ban on bulk tweeting of the same content through multiple accounts as with newer context either some discussion, comparison of policies or some incorporation.

What We Did Then

We know that your posts are not to put into the bin. Social Champ has created a “Recycling Content” feature for the users, where your selected campaign is getting restarted as it completes posting on your selected social accounts from scratch at your decided day and timings. Repetition of the post after a certain interval access you to a better interaction with the communities that follow you; hence recycle it for beneficial results. You can level your campaign up by adding more posts to your wanted collections.

We have carried out an experiment by keeping the points from the side of a large audience or doers’ community and the theory of ‘Effective frequency’ in our mind. We simply created a blog on 5 Types of Visual Content You Need to Use in Your Social Media Marketing in June 2017. We made social media posts including Facebook content and tweeted some points from the content that gave us about 30% higher response. Later on, we recycled it as a Pinterest Infographic and make it live on different social media again in 2018 that leads to giving 50% more clicks than the first attempt.

Similarly, We have monitored a successful social media marketing experiment by using one initial post of the year 2016, and yes on short time interval bases it was really a worthy experiment for recycling your content again and again. We prefer to have unique content every time though, but idealizing with newer vision and recontextualization of one evergreen content yields in total 80% more results.

Why do You Need to Repurpose Your Content?

The answer is simple, ‘to get maximum and actual from the effort you have done before.’ You have created a content, which unfortunately got lesser applauses, you have thought that idea and now you have to focus on what other aspects you can gain from it. It’s still a dilemma for many people but “Why would you, out of your busy schedule, want to churn out new content continuously while you can do even better by sticking with what you already know and do?” As, a content marketer or social media influencer you just do not need lots of content, but “lots of effective content.”

It is hard to create a quality and comprehensive one and it is harder to let it in the last numbers without getting the response, it deserves. “By creating content in different formats, you’ll reach more audiences. The more variations you create, the more audiences you’ll reach, and the greater chance your content will be shared.

Repurposing a blog post into a Facebook video, for example, could lead to a 62 percent increase in engagement”-  hence is fruitful even to boost your social media engagement and helps you to find out an existing but hidden fan base out of targeted audiences. It adds more power to your social media marketing strategy and takes it much faster, without a lot of effort along with heavier SEO growth.


Reaching New Audiences

When you first publish a piece of content, the performance might be average. However, over time, it gains traction and does a little better. When you repurpose that content in a new format and/or update it, you can reach new audience segments that otherwise may have never found it.

Reinforcing Your Message

When discussing the merits of repurposing content, Kevan Lee of Buffer points out that repetition is important with marketing. Marketing’s Rule of Seven states that buyers need to hear your message approximately seven times before they will close the deal. Rather than covering a topic once and letting it disappear into the archives, repurpose your articles to consistently deliver your message to your audience. This works great if you’re starting with high-value, authoritative content. It makes it easier to find unique ways to reinforce your message.

Improved Organic Visibility

Organic search still provides the majority of site traffic. One study from BrightEdge found that organic search holds a 51% share among traffic sources. If that’s accurate, then repurposing optimized content in various formats can give you a significant lift in organic visibility and traffic. Publishing a variety of content gives you more access to search real estate for targeted queries. If you publish your content on other sites, then you’ll also (sometimes) have the benefit of backlinks.

Repurposing Content to Social Media

“Most people think of content repurposing tips to fit social media as just slapping up a photo and a link to their blog.  But, the truth is that all of your posts will do remarkably better across all platforms if you keep in mind what works best for each social network – and when.”

Different types of posts across different social media industries do better in different months and we need to understand it. Some posts are ‘What posts” were blog posts with deeper information on a topic, while some question raising “why posts” with follow up means of studies and insights along with a focused conclusion.

Adaptation in content or your blog post into a list, a “what,” “why” or “how” post or even a video can greatly increase the number of social shares and comments that you get as compared to the more traditional photo-and-link. The number of shares depends on the industry as well as the month.

Frac.tl and BuzzStream analyzed over 200,000 different pieces of content from 11 different market verticals to try to understand what content gets shared most on social media. You can see, with over 20,000 shares per month, or 22.45% social traction, narrowly followed by why-posts at 22.35%. As you can see from the chart above, what-posts did extremely well in October, but lists topped the charts in June.

Sometimes, instead of grasping at straws, your best bet is to repurpose your best performing social media content. Knowing the best ways to repurpose your best social media content is key to getting consistently good results. In this post, we’re going to look at how to repurpose social media content and which content you should choose.

Trying to come up with the amount of outstanding, engaging content needed to fight organic reach on multiple platforms is exhausting, and sometimes we just plain run out of ideas. Have you ever posted one of those amazing Facebook updates that had that indescribable quality that results in a surge of likes, comments, clicks, and shares, and then immediately wondered how to replicate that success with other content?

Here the big question comes as, “What Content Should I Repurpose?” Well, the low-hanging fruit is to repurpose your highest performing posts with an easy find out of the best results on each platform through Social Champ analytics. You can easily see which posts got the most engagement with monitoring types of engagement they received, and which hashtags yielded you the best results. You can use this information to find your strongest content for repurposing.

Focusing on useful, valuable evergreen content is the smart move when you want to repurpose social content, it can be the links to educational blog posts or video tutorials or even take “live” content like a Twitter chat, turn it into a blog post, and upload post links across multiple social platforms. UGC is another type of content that will consistently yield high results when shared on social media. Repurposing it for cross-platform use can get you consistently high engagement.

A Few Little Tips

well, you can recycle your content easily in the following ways to get the maximum from your worthy content, especially when it is evergreen. Posting your web content on social media is not a bad idea all in fact it helps to generate traffic and not only this maintains your online informative presence.

Cross-Post on your Social Media with your evergreen content

Having a great blog post or Vlog is not just to be posted on the website, it should and needs- to be on social media. It is essential your posts should be customized for each platform you are repurposing your content for. Facebook posts should not have hashtags, for example, while tweets should have a few and Instagram posts should have a lot. You’ll also need to be more concise on Twitter, and have a more professional tone on LinkedIn.

Content going to Pinterest and Instagram should only utilize high-quality images. In following the example, you can see, in the tweet, the text is concise, by focusing on a title with little hashtags. While in the Facebook post there is an elaborated caption with encouraging information there.


Reshape Active Content Powerfully

“Repurposing social media content doesn’t mean copying and pasting great statuses into your social media management tool.”

Instead of just getting limited into all this copy-paste and upload game,  update the content that worked so well when you share it again. It will almost definitely get stronger results on your second campaign if you share a new version of the original content instead of an exact duplicate.

You can update older high-performing blog posts with new information, and announce the updates in your social media posts when you share them, or simply quote several different great single lines from blog posts, videos, or interviews that you’re sharing.

A strong “tagline’ game can be so helpful here. Each time you share the content on social media, use a different quote as your tagline either as text or as visual. A quote from a celebrity or influencer, or a most fitting sentence for the whole topic.

“Compile user-generated content (UGC) shared on the platform into a single Twitter Moment that you then promote and send traffic to. By placing it in a new format and clustering it together, you can make it more powerful and impactful.”


Maximize Content Visibility by Reposting

Try to fully maximize the visibility of your content, this can be one of the biggest reasons to get even more results on your best posts, hence accomplish your goal of repurposing the content. You should share repurposed posts at a different time of the day than their original posting times, for example, if you shared your original post on Facebook on a Sunday afternoon, for example, try to reshare it on a Tuesday at 6 A.M.

Social champ is here to ease your life and manage all your social media profiles easily. You can schedule posts ahead of time with just a few clicks, and also can check on the publication time of the original post if you need. This allows you to optimize your repurposed content for maximum visibility and engagement, helping you reach an audience that potentially hasn’t seen it yet. You can even create custom messages for each social platform on one-screen and schedule it all at once.


In a Nutshell

Quality content is one of the most important materials in digital marketing. You write something with giving full of your mind, interest, knowledge, and capabilities, and yes! It does not deserve to be in vain. This evergreen content can help deliver traffic to your website and hold a valuable position in search engine rankings for months or even years from when it was first published. Wait! Yes, old is gold, but a little effort can make it a gem.

Obviously, we understand that these posts are not to be in archives or pushed in the last row on the wall. There are ways to repurpose your evergreen content, and that only requires some skill and a new way to recognize it on a different platform with a more brilliant and convincing idea.

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