8 Christmas Marketing Ideas That You Need To See Right Now

We have seen Frosty Christmas, sparkling one, decorative, merry, the traditional ones, and of course white Christmas, but thanks to 2020, this year we will be witnessing masked Christmas! With the entire world going through the COVID-19 pandemic, Christmas 2020 won’t be the same. We will witness more masks, sanitizers, and zoom calls instead of kisses, handshakes, and holiday dinners. This year would be different from the rest. Like everything else, Christmas would be socially distant as well.

Not only would it mostly consist of virtual plans, but it would also be a little less festive. Shopping malls have downsized their decorations, marketers have reduced their Christmas marketing campaign budget by 10%, and retailers are taking different approaches to meet their holiday sales target this year. Advertisers are expected to spend almost £725m less than last Christmas. However, it does not mean that all of us will sit around like the holiday grinch and miss out on the festivities this year. Let your brand shine out of this pandemic with some of these fantastic merry Christmas marketing ideas.

Today, we’re here with this little early Christmas gift for you. Check out these inspirations to spread the holiday spirit around with your Christmas marketing ideas!

Since this is the season to be jolly, let’s take some inspiration from this mask clad Santa Claus and bid farewell to this roller coaster of a year.

Source: The Guardian

8 Christmas Marketing Ideas That You Can Take Inspiration From

  1. Paint it Red
  2. Introduce Christmas Bundles
  3. Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane
  4. Christmas Themed Product Names
  5. Be Inclusive
  6. Offer Extra Value
  7. Play With The Emotions
  8. Run A Charity

Take a cue from some of the best Christmas marketing ideas that are already making waves and fly away in the inspiration land. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

1. Paint it Red

Christmas is all about the reds and the greens and the cheesy, cheeky decorations with a billion fairy lights. Coincidentally, red is also the best color to attract customers to your offer. So what are you waiting for? Paint your social media and the website red and spread cheer like never before.

Take a cue from the Bath & Body Works Christmas marketing campaign this year. They use both the colors and the decor extremely tastefully while ensuring that their products stay limelight.

Apart from the red and green restive vibes on the website, they have also used words such as ‘merriest’, and ‘Santa Approved’ to make their products seem unique. Here are a few more examples of them spreading some holiday cheer on their website.

Christmas marketing campaign

Image source

Even their social media is all about Christmas.

2. Introduce Christmas Bundles

The Christmas spirit doubles by sharing and spreading joy with others. Therefore, we exchange gifts on Christmas morning. You want to keep the same mindset while brainstorming your special Christmas marketing ideas for this year’s campaigns.

Nobody loves anything more than a beautifully wrapped package on Christmas morning.

When the time for Christmas shopping arrives, be ready with some fantastic ready-made gifts and bundles. Or a bunch of excellent products that can go together as a gift. If you can throw in a gift-wrapping service, you are good to go.

Help your consumers find the perfect gift for their partners and increase your sales.

Nordstrom home page christmas marketing

Image source

Here is a brilliant example set by Nordstrom. Not only are they offering some fantastic holiday gifts, but they have also categorized them by recipients and pricing.

Nordstrom home page christmas marketing

                                                                                                                      Image source

Sephora also comes up with holiday season exclusive gifts each year. Most of these deals are complete steals, and people look forward to getting them for themselves as well.

Sephora home page christmas marketing

Image source

Don’t forget to introduce festive packaging for these bundles as well.

3. Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane

If you have had a successful campaign in recent years, then congratulations! Consider half of your job done. Consider going down memory lane and bringing it back with a twist. Keep in mind that it is not smart to copy the entire campaign as it is. It would then just be repetitive. Consider bringing it back, but add something new to it.

This holiday email by the Happy Potter Wizarding World is one of our favorites this year. Half the world wants to experience the magical land of Hogwarts. At some point in our lives, it has disappointed us that our letter never arrived.

Christmas email marketing

The Harry Potter world is inviting us to the famous Yule Ball with a winter word search. Quizzes and word searches are a brilliant way to get customers on the website. After all, who doesn’t want to know how well they will fit in the magical land?

4. Christmas Themed Product Names

Leverage the vibes of the holiday season to come up with creative names for your products. You can either introduce a whole new product or come up with a holiday variation of your flagship offer. Since it’s Christmas, you can use words like festive, peppermint, sled, and the likes. Or you can always use the colors, such as red, green, or white in names.

Similarly, a holiday headline can also enable your brand to appear more festive. Coming up with a catchy Christmas marketing slogan is also a great way to bundle all your Christmas offers together. It can act as a pretty bow on top of all the packaging. You can print a ribbon with the tagline and tie it to the orders.

Your chances of experiencing high sales are much likely to increase if you can challenge your inner holiday spirit and portray it in your Christmas marketing ideas and campaigns.

Starbucks has a habit of being extra festive during the holiday season. If you are ever short on the holiday spirit, we highly recommend spending an hour at the coffee shop. Basking in the glorious smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods will set your mood right. Like all the years that went by, this year too, Starbucks came up with Christmas themed coffee beans in four different variations.

They are; Christmas Blend, Espresso Blend, Holiday Blend, and Decaf Christmas Blend

 Image source

They are; Christmas Blend, Espresso Blend, Holiday Blend, and Decaf Christmas Blend.

Cookie for christmas

Image source

Other than the signature blends, they also offer a snowman cookie and seasonal drinks. Even their cups have turned a bright shade of red with Christmas decorations drawn on them.

Starbucks coffee

Image source

Also, Starbucks is pretty intent on spreading some holiday cheer in all circumstances. Therefore, they are offering background images for your laptop as well. Even if you cannot go out, you can still feel the vibes at home!

5. Be Inclusive

You most probably have a versatile audience shopping on your website during the holiday season. Your consumers comprise people from all cultural backgrounds and beliefs. Therefore, it is safe to assume that not all of them will celebrate Christmas and New Year on the same day.

This puts you in a challenging position. But it most definitely does not mean that you should give up on Christmas marketing. To make sure that you include all in your seasonal marketing campaigns, consider using neutral greetings. Taglines, such as Seasonal greetings, happy holidays, or enjoy the winters, sets the tone right from the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little and go with something other than Merry Christmas this year. Starting with a simple wish, you can show your readers that you respect their beliefs.

This email campaign by Kate Spade New York is the perfect example. The email looks decent with all the right holiday vibes, complete with sparkles and a pastel theme.

christmas email marketing

6. Offer Extra Value

Christmas is all about giving out love and receiving love. So why not offer something of extra value to your customers this holiday season? Giving them a perfect chance to fill up their stockings even more?

Offering something for free is an excellent way to entice customers and get some yummy holiday traffic on your website. You can offer trial-size products, a loyalty card, points, rewards, or even free shipping. However, you need to be creative and offer something other than the mainstream free shipping. If you are a makeup brand, you can offer a little mascara on ordering a full-sized pallet. Your clients will get to try out something for free, and you can win some hearts. It sounds like a win-win situation on both ends!

christmas email marketing

This Estee Lauder holiday promotional email is on point. Their branding is impressive on this one, with the perfect color theme and gifts at the end. And they are offering 20% off along with an extra incentive. They offer three DELUXE sized samples instead of the traditional size with all purchases of only $50. They have kept the amount low so that people would consider shopping. If you are an avid user of Estee Lauder products, I am sure you would know that spending $50 on the site is no big deal. You can buy a serum, and your cart total would still be more than that.

If you decide to go for the same strategy, set a limit, you know is achievable with your brand. Don’t put a limit that you know most users cannot reach.

Here is another free offer from Estee Lauder. With any purchase of up to $75, you can get 33 other beauty essentials for the price of one full-sized serum.

Estee Lauder home page

Image source

Here are some more original ideas for things that you can offer for free.

  • Free membership after the cart reaches a certain amount
  • Custom loyalty cards for returning customers
  • 2X or 3X points on every purchase
  • One more month of a free trial
  • Exclusive access to limited edition products
  • Discounts on future bookings
  • Free webinars or workshops
  • Free software updates or premium versions

Offering free products with every order is an excellent way to kick start your early Christmas marketing campaigns.

7. Play With The Emotions

Christmas is the time of the year when most people are looking forward to some family time. They are all looking for some fantastic gifts and things that would make them miss their family even more. Think like old school advertisements and how they can stir emotions in us.

For inspiration, check out this amazing advertisement by Disney UK.

It follows a girl’s life from when she was a child until she became old enough to work. The ad hits all the right notes with the flagship mickey mouse and the snow setting.

Another excellent advertisement campaign is by McDonald’s.


Their #ReindeerReady shows a mum trying her best to get her child in the holiday spirit.

8. Run A Charity

Running a charity is one of the universal ideas of all times. Any brand can host a charity and have a ball at it. Especially at this time of the year that people are looking to give, so why not use it as a marketing campaign that can make a difference? After the year we have had, holding a charity is one of the best ideas this year.

If your company is already a non-profit organization and you run such charities all year long. Then you can share stories of people who have donated through you or of people who you’ve helped. Seeing that the donations are making a difference will prompt more people to donate through your brand. Remember to offer several ways to donate so that people have more outlets to get involved. Apart from the monetary donations, consider other types, such as sponsorships and point contributions.

This again is a win-win situation, as you will sell your product, and people would feel good that they are making someone else’s life better as well!

Marks and Spencer have a Christmas Campaign that will give $2 million to different charities. They pick all the charities by the nine celebrities that are taking part in the campaign. This is an M&S Christmas Campaign, and it is already making waves.

Here is the link to their fully updated Christmas playlist.

Running charities is a perfect Christmas marketing idea for retailers, as they can build their brand by showing that they care.

Use Marketing Tools to Rescue You

Let’s be honest, things can get really hectic around the occasion, and nobody wants to post on social media on important festive days, like Christmas Day.

The most straightforward approach to guarantee your social media posts is to plan them early by using tools to manage social media.

Social Champ is an interactive social media platform whose sole purpose is to enhance and broaden marketing purposes.  This helps in scheduling posts so that more and more audience discerns your post and therefore relieving you from the complication of re-writing them. They design this platform for new business and also organizing and collecting the way they should market.

Social Champ Dashboard View

You can use Social Champ to plan weeks’ or months of social media content early, deal with numerous web-based social networking records, and screen everything using the web-based or mobile application so you can sit back, unwind and make the most of your vacation! Social Media optimization has various lead Brands to elevate their businesses.

Let us know what’s your take on Christmas marketing ideas in 2020? How different it is than the previous years?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See you all in 2021. 🙂

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