15 Facebook Publishing Tools That Are Worth Saving Your Time and Energy

Facebook Publishing Tools
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Facebook, the old-school social media network, is still at the top of the leaderboard regarding marketing.

Whether you want to stay in touch with old friends, promote your business, or waste a few hours scrolling through your feed, Facebook has covered you. Today this fast-paced platform is home to 2.96 billion monthly active users making it the top platform in terms of MAU.

Yesterday, it was pretty overwhelming for me to switch different Facebook accounts, post similar content across all, cross-check, and hit the post button. I mean, there’s a lot of pending work on my table left, and here I am, toggling with multiple tabs opened.

I am sure you all have been through similar scenarios, so many marketers or social media managers are in the same boat. Fortunately, I came across tools for Facebook management and got my work done.

As a marketer, posting consistently, creating engaging content, posting at the right time to target the audience, and building your social media presence is quite challenging. Thankfully, tons of publishing tools make our life easier.

From scheduling posts to creating campaigns to tracking performance, these tools are designed to make your life easier when it comes to managing your Facebook presence. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, these tools can help you maximize your reach and engagement on the world’s largest social media platform.

With the internet being overwhelmed with the variety of Facebook publishing tools, it could be hard to choose the one that fits all your needs.

Just to give you a helping hand, here I have compiled a long list of publishing Facebook tools that can help you build your social media presence and reduce your extra hours.

So, let’s kickstart the journey!

How Facebook Publishing Tools Help Marketers

Facebook publishing tools are the ‘secret sauce’ to success on the platform. Without them, you are like a chef trying to cook without a stove. Sure, you can still make a meal, but it’s not going to be as good as it could be. It’s the same with Facebook. You can still post without the right tools, but you won’t get the same level of engagement or success.

If you want to get the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy, you need to understand how these tools can help you. From automating content creation to improving audience engagement. Publishing Facebook tools can help marketers with the following:

  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Creating eye-catching visuals with in-app editing integrations
  • Best performing posts
  • Planning and organizing Facebook posts with a smart calendar feature
  • Keeping track of your followers
  • Content Suggestions

15 Incredible Facebook Publishing Tools in The Market

With all the noise and competition on the platform, sometimes getting more eyes on your content is pretty challenging. This is where Facebook publishing tools step in to get more done in less time. These tools are super helpful. You can create content, schedule posts, and measure performance all in one place. So, let’s take a look at some of the best publishing tools in the market.

  1. Social ChampSocial Champ

    With a vibrant UI and clean dashboard, Social Champ is a comprehensive Facebook publishing tool that allows you to plan, schedule, publish and analyze your content across Facebook and other major social media platforms within one centralized dashboard. Apart from publishing, the tool is power packed with various features that make it the best for marketers who want to top up their social media game. Maximize engagement, publish seamlessly, and take your social presence to the next level.

    Key Features

    • Upload and schedule your Facebook content for up to 3 years using the Bulk Upload feature with a single CSV file.
    • Connect your favorite blogs and websites to Auto RSS.
    • Never run out of your Facebook content ideas, and get the top suggestions from industry-relevant websites using the content suggestion feature.
    • Repeat your evergreen content on Facebook at desired time intervals and maximize engagement using the smart Repeat feature.
    • Schedule the first comment with your Facebook post to go live.
    • Upload custom thumbnails for your Facebook videos or Reels.
    • Analyze how your post sounds to your audience and maintain your brand’s voice using the Sentiment Analysis
    • Get a clear grid view of all your scheduled, future and published Facebook posts within a social media calendar.
    • Schedule Facebook Reels on your preferred time zone with text, trending hashtags, and emojis.
    • You can either post your Facebook content on the run time or set up a custom posting schedule using the Queue categories.

One Stop Shop Solution for All

Make your social media presence visible. Auto-post to Facebook pages & groups and make the most of your postings with Social Champ
  1. SocialBeesocialbee

    SocialBee simplifies Facebook post scheduling, allowing users to plan and organize their content in advance. With this feature, businesses can maintain a consistent and engaging Facebook presence.

    Users can create customized posts, including text, images, videos, and links, and schedule them at specific dates and times. The platform also supports content recycling and repurposing, maximizing the reach and impact of Facebook posts. 

    Overall, SocialBee’s Facebook scheduling feature streamlines content management, boosts engagement, and effectively connects businesses with their target audience on the platform. By utilizing the tool’s AI assistant, users can access a vast array of content ideas and visuals, tailoring them to their specific needs.

  2. Keyhole

    Keyhole can make a great Facebook publishing tool by providing time-saving content scheduling, robust analytics, hashtag and keyword research, and trend analysis.

    With its customized dashboard, tap into in-depth analytics covering post-performance, competitor analysis, and sentiment analysis. You can even track any hashtag and keyword research to scour the net and find relevant and trending content.

    Best of all, you can add your trackers, and it will automatically collect all the data for you in one place. Be it a single campaign analysis or a general profile overview, Keyhole has got you covered. It spans its usage beyond Facebook, making it an absolute tool worth exploring.

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  3. PostfityPostfity

    Postfity is an efficient Facebook publishing tool that enables users to publish posts on their page quickly. This tool offers a wide range of features and capabilities to manage content easily, including scheduling posts, alerting users when they need to post, social media analytics, and much more. Postfity helps businesses maximize their posts impact while reducing the time and effort required. Moreover, users can schedule their posts as per their preferred time intervals.

    The intuitive user interface provides you with a calendar view of all your scheduled posts, allowing better control and planning of your Facebook campaigns. It is a reliable tool that ensures better engagement rates on Facebook pages and groups.

  4. Post Plannerpost planner

    Post Planner is a user-friendly tool for managing your Facebook page. Its comprehensive suite of features makes planning, scheduling, and publishing content easy, ensuring that it is optimized to capture more visitors and maximize engagement. The tool offers a content curation engine that helps you find the best pieces of content in your industry, making it easier to share engaging and high-quality content efficiently.

    Post Planner is one of the best choices for businesses seeking an effective yet intuitive platform for managing their social media profiles. The tool will help you stay ahead of the competition and engage audiences creatively.

  5. FanPage Karmafanpage karma

    Fanpage Karma falls into the category of Facebook publishing tools helping you to optimize your online presence. Fanpage Karma is a comprehensive tool designed to help marketers, businesses, and individuals maximize their Facebook publishing efforts. It allows users to quickly analyze, optimize, and track their posts and pages.

    With Fanpage Karma, users can get an in-depth understanding of their audience, post insights, and more, giving them the edge to grow on Facebook. This tool offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that seamlessly allows users to manage their content across multiple social media platforms. With a free tier available, Fanpage Karma is a great option for those on a budget providing users with a convenient way to maximize their engagement on Facebook.

  6. Agorapulseagorapulse

    Agorapulse is another fully-fledged Facebook publishing tool that makes it easy to manage the day-to-day needs of your Facebook page. With easily customizable features, Agorapulse saves you time and helps you, monitor, organize, and track your page performance. With advanced scheduling and management capabilities, scheduling posts, tracking conversations, and driving insights have never been easier.

    With this tool, you can quickly create and manage Facebook campaigns, monitor your audience’s responses, interact with them, and track analytics to optimize your promotional strategies. You can manage your campaigns via one intuitive dashboard and schedule unlimited posts at peak times to maximize engagement and page visits. All this is done from a single dashboard that makes your publishing easy.

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  7. Sprout Socialsprout social

    Sprout Social is a tool designed to help you manage your Facebook publishing. It will give you access to great features, such as auto-posting, content calendar, scheduling posts, and analyzing the performance of your outreach. With Sprout Social, you can efficiently manage your posts and improve your reach on the social network.

    The tool is an intuitive all-in-one platform that supports social media management, engagement, and analytics. It empowers you to easily publish, manage and analyze activities across multiple social networks from a single platform. This easy-to-use platform allows users to seamlessly publish content, schedule posts, and view analytics data about posts, helping businesses to optimize their social media presence on Facebook.

  8. Iconosquareiconosquare

    Iconosquare is an innovative tool that helps companies streamline their social media presence. It provides businesses with automated Facebook publishing features, enabling them to post content quickly, manage campaigns, and track analytics. The tool offers various features, such as analytics, reporting, collaboration, and others, enabling users to post content quickly, manage campaigns, and track analytics.

    This all-in-one tool is the perfect way to take full advantage of your Facebook presence. With its automated Facebook publishing capabilities, businesses can maximize efficiency when creating and scheduling the success of their content. Iconosquare is a convenient and user-friendly platform that will boost your Facebook marketing. Take advantage of effective marketing strategies, analyze performance, and stay informed all in one place.

  9. eClinchereclinchr

    eClincher also falls into the category of Facebook publishing tools. It is a reliable solution for Facebook automation. Users can manage their accounts, promote content, and measure results using cutting-edge features. It offers a streamlined content calendar to help you manage and coordinate your posts in an organized manner.

    The visual calendar helps you plan and coordinate your posts, so you can stay organized and remain in sync with your planned social media updates. With eClincher, keeping your Facebook content fresh and relevant is now easy. With an easy-to-use dashboard and an intuitive interface, eClincher is a good choice for any Facebook user looking to optimize their social media strategy.

  10. Bufferbuffer

    Buffer is another simple, efficient, and user-friendly Facebook publishing. With Buffer’s intuitive workflow, you can effortlessly manage your Facebook posts to ensure you keep followers engaged. Its streamlined interface makes it easy to quickly schedule messages, plan and analyze the performance of your posts. It allows you to create content easily, add it to the queue and schedule it for later.

    With its flexible customization options, you can adjust your post for the platform for maximum impact. Buffer makes sharing your content easy and hassle-free. The tool offers simple yet effective scheduling, monitoring, and analytics features, so you can maximize the impact of your Facebook presence.

  11. Sked Socialsked social

    Sked Social is an innovative all-in-one Facebook publishing tool designed to help business owners maximize their return on investment through Facebook marketing. The tool offers in-depth analytics of your Facebook account, so you can get a clear picture of your best-performing Facebook posts. Scheduling, tracking, and analytics can be easily integrated with the help of the intuitive dashboard and simple collaboration features. It helps users save time and money while increasing visibility and engagement on their Facebook pages.

  12. Emplifiemplifi

    With tons of exciting features, Emplifi is one of the most popular Facebook publishing tools. It helps businesses or individuals streamline the process of posting content to Facebook. The tool provides an efficient and effective way to optimize time and achieve desired goals by easily scheduling posts. With content ideas, insights, and trends tailored to your target audience, you can create powerful content that resonates with your Facebook followers. Emplifi makes it easy to maximize the impact of your social media strategy. It easily tracks posts, interactions, and monitoring analytics from one spot.

  13. DrumUpdrumUp

    With its crisp and clean UI, DrumUp is my next pick for Facebook publishing tools . It is an intuitive publishing tool that allows you to effectively curate and schedule engaging content to post on your Facebook and other social media accounts. It also provides powerful analytics to track the performance of your content and optimize your reach. Drumpup identifies relevant content topics for you to reach audiences on various topics effectively.

    With DrumUp, you can easily and quickly craft tailored messaging to engage with your audience. It allows various productive features to streamline your posting workflow, helping you save time, increase engagement and generate more leads. With an easy-to-use user experience, DrumUp is one of the good choices for businesses looking to make the most out of their Facebook presence.

  14. RecurpostRecurpost

    Recurpost is a Facebook publishing tool that helps businesses and individuals maximize their reach on Facebook. It automates the process of posting, scheduling, and analytics to streamline your Facebook campaigns. The tool allows users to quickly create, schedule, and track posts. You can manage it easily with the workspace feature and leverage the analytics features to track performance. Get creative with an even wider range of features like hashtag generator, white-label reporting, and more. The simple interface makes it easy to use, ensuring that you get the most out of your online presence.

Wrap Up

I believe Facebook publishing tools can be highly beneficial for businesses and marketers. They provide a wide variety of plagues that include scheduling posts, setting up ads, tracking the performance of posts, and more. Using these tools, you can create engaging content to reach your target audience and grow your business’s presence on Facebook. So, before you design the strategy for getting the most out of these tools, remember to prioritize quality content and the needs of your audience so that you can effectively reach your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Find Facebook Publishing Tools?

The publishing tools are on the sidebar of your Facebook page. You can see a detailed dashboard listing of posts and story metrics.

What Are Facebook Publishing Tools?

Facebook publishing tools offer a centralized way to create, schedule, publish and analyze your Facebook posts. These tools offer various features that can give new wings to your Facebook marketing.

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