How To Post On Pinterest Guide With Social Champ

You may well use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as part of your social media marketing strategy, but what about Pinterest? With over 70 million users worldwide, it is now the 4th most popular social network, and not to be underestimated.
Don’t you want to show off the aesthetics of your product?
Don’t you want to take advantage of highlighting your pins in front of more people?
Of course, you do!
If you want your pin on Pinterest to get noticed by your followers, and new users, catch up with Social Champ’s handy features to use Pinterest effectively for your business promotion. Here’s how you can connect your Pinterest boards with Social Champ. 

  • Make your personal Social Champ account.
  • Add your Pinterest profile to your newly made Social Champ account.
  • Select your Pinterest profile and make a post.
  • Schedule your Pinterest posts almost conveniently.
  • Use the “Analytics” feature to track the number of likes, comments, and shares of the original post.
  • Use Social Champ’s suggestions before you post.
  • Manage multiple Pinterest profiles and boards with just a click.

Let us have a glance at this.

First, make your Social Champ account

The first step is to log in to Social Champ. If you haven’t created your account you need to sign up first with your email address.
Next, add your Pinterest board to your Social Champ account
Along with all other profiles that you have on different social media networks, add your Pinterest account by clicking on the +Account option and choosing Pinterest Board.

Sign in to your Pinterest account.

Click on ‘Okay’ and select the board you want to add in Social Champ and click ‘Done’ in the next screen. You can choose multiple boards at once too, to add.

Your Pinterest board is now visible on Social Champ’s screen.

Now select your Pinterest board and make a pin

Select Content and write the description for your pin. You can also add the link to the website you want to take your users from Pinterest. Upload the photo for your pin. If you don’t have your own, Social Champ provides you a broad range of high-quality royalty-free images you can use for your pins. You can also add GIF or videos, and emojis in for your pins. 
Upload the image. Use the description wisely by adding hashtags and keywords to be more search-friendly and visible on Pinterest. Add the link of the website if you want to lead the traffic through Pinterest there. Once you’re select the ‘Post’ option and click on ‘Accept.’  

Your post has now been successfully pinned on your Pinterest board!
Pinterest is all about visuals.  So, make sure the image you’re adding is eye-catching, visually beautiful, and high-definition. For any changes or edits in the picture, before you publish, there’s an image editor for you. You can edit your image directly within the app. 

You can log in to your Pinterest account to verify your post. Your post is going to be right there! Or you can view your published post in the ‘Analytics’ section of Social Champ.
You actually managed to post your pin in no time without even opening a separate tab for Pinterest.

Schedule your pins like an expert!

Do you face the problem of forgetting to publish pins at the most prime time when almost all your followers are online?
Don’t you want to always stick to your set goals and targets and implement your marketing strategy efficiently?
Do you want to be ahead of time, so all your Halloween season pins are just right on time?
Do you wish to schedule all your pins months before the Christmas season so that you can enjoy your holidays without any stress of not posting on time?
Yes? No worries!
[bctt tweet=” With Social Champ, you can now schedule your Pinterest pins for whatever time slot you like by selecting the option ‘schedule.’ ” username=”SocialChampSays”]
You can set the time to publish your pins according to your preference and select Accept. You can now sit back and relax! Your pins will automatically be posted at the time you have set.

Your post has now been successfully scheduled on your Pinterest board! 

Upload in Bulk through CSV File

This feature allows you to schedule multiple posts for the Pinterest board you selected. Go to the ‘Bulk Uploader’ option. Download the CSV file. Edit the CSV file. Complete the sheet. Fill all the required columns Save the changes. Upload it in Social Champ. You can check all your posts in the ‘Queue’ section.

Add Social Champ’s chrome extension

Do you feel lazy while curating content?
Isn’t it an additional task altogether to download images and then upload them somewhere? Well, to escape from that process, you can now add Social Champ’s chrome extension and share content directly from any web page.
Once you have added the extension in your chrome browser, just hover over any picture or text online and share it directly with your Social Champ accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
You can share any specific content by selecting the text and right-clicking it.

Or you can simply click on the extension icon at the rightmost corner of your browser, and click on it to share the whole webpage.

Use the “Analytics” feature 

Social Champ can help you in tracking the number of repetitions, likes, pins, and comments for your published pin.  You can also view your published post from there. It will directly take you to the post.

Use Social Champ’s suggestions before you post on Pinterest

Social Champ can help you while curating content. It can give the best content suggestions on any topic. Type any idea you’re looking for in search bar in the suggestion tab. Social Champ will scan the latest blogs and articles over the Internet and will give you the best stories in less than a minute. You can post any of the stories directly from there.  

Have more than one account on Pinterest?

That’s not a problem at all! You can add as many Pinterest accounts on Social Champ as you want and get boards from them separately. And the best part is that you can control all those boards from a single platform! Just log out from the previous Pinterest account through the original Pinterest website, go your Social Champ account and log in the other one!

Happy Pinning!
Updated: September 2019. 

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Social Champ Editorial

Social Champ Editorial

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