How to Post on Pinterest With Social Champ - A Complete Guide

How to Post on Pinterest? – A Complete Guide

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If you want to make things interesting in your marketing plan, then Pinterest Marketing is the way to go. With over 25% of the total marketers using Pinterest actively to gain results, it is no brainer that you should be on it too.

After its launch in 2010, it took no more than two years for the platform to reach a whopping total of 10 million users. However, today almost a decade, Pinterest has 322 million active users, out of which most of them are women!

Pinterest offers numerous opportunities for brands to market themselves and generate higher revenues with the straightforward and easy-to-follow algorithm. According to numbers, 88% of the pinners end up purchasing the products that they pin.

Post on Pinterest With Social Champ
All these numbers are the living proof of why Pinterest should be a regular occurrence in your marketing plan. Now more than ever, it is relatively easy to schedule pins in advance on Pinterest for weeks, months, or even years to come.

You can use the direct scheduler from Pinterest or use Social Champ to Bulk Upload Pinterest pins on different boards. Confused about how to post on Pinterest? Here are the easy-to-follow steps!

How To Post On Pinterest Directly?

For a business account, you can directly schedule pins in advance to go up at a later date. Pinterest allows you to schedule posts for up to two weeks within your current time zone. However, they do not offer any bulk upload or schedule option, limiting the time and effort you save upon.
You can schedule a maximum of hundred posts at a time.

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account using the right credentials.
  2. On the top left corner of the screen, click on Create Pin.Post On Pinterest Directly
  3. Select an image or a video that you want to upload on the board.
  4. Add a title, description, and the URL that you want the visual to redirect to.
  5. Select publish at a later date and set the time and the date to publish the pin.
  6. Choose an existing board from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can create a new board to save the pin.
  7. Click on publish.

How To Post On Pinterest Using Social Champ?

Using a Social Champ account to schedule posts on Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to upload your entire posting schedule in advance. Here is how you can do it:

Connect Pinterest To Social Champ

  1. Either log-in or sign-up for a Social Champ account.
  2. Click on ‘+Add Social Account’.
  3. Click on the Pinterest board from the options.Connect Pinterest To Social Champ
  4. From the redirected window, authenticate your account access the Social Champ Tool.Connect Pinterest To Social Champ (2)
  5. Select the boards that you want to connect with, and you are done.

Schedule With Social Champ

  1. Upload images or select from the royal-free image library on the tool.
  2. Add captions with custom URLs and titles using Pinterest API on the composer.
  3. Either schedule the pin for a future date, post now or add it to the queue.Schedule With Social Champ
  4. Social Champ will now post it on your behalf!

With these few easy steps, you can schedule pins on Pinterest for the months or even years to come. The best part about posting with Social Champ? You can easily schedule your entire posting calendar and leave it to Social Champ to post it on your behalf on the exact date and time you select.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to work on other marketing tasks and never miss out on the prime posting time.

Make It P-Interesting!​​

Signup to Social Champ to join thousands of Pinterest marketers to make your scheduling easy and effective!

What Is The Best Time To Post On Pinterest?

If you are a marketer, you should always know the best time to post on all social networks. It is no secret that posts tend to do better some days at a specific time than they do on others. For example, Instagram generates the highest engagement between 4 pm to 6 pm every day.

Similarly, all other social networks have a best and worst time post. There is no point in posting something when your audience is either sleeping or is busy somewhere else.

Since Pinterest primarily has a women-centric audience, it is best to keep that in mind while marketing your products. Post on timings when women usually sit back and relax, which is mostly on the weekends.

All stay-at-home women and working women prefer to check their phones after work hours. Other than women, all other users are also most active on Pinterest on weekends.

What Is The Best Time To Post On Pinterest

To conclude;

  • The best time to post on Pinterest is between 8 pm to 11 pm on weekdays and weekends. The second best time to post is between 2 am to 4 am on weekends.
  • The worst time to post on Pinterest is the working hours on the weekdays.

To make the most out of Pinterest marketing, keep posting on the weekends and try to avoid working hours as much as possible!

Benefits Of Scheduling Pins On Pinterest Using Social Champ?

Scheduling pins with Pinterest gives you many distinct advantages that you don’t get to enjoy otherwise. Social champ, a social media management tool, gives you a complete package when it offers the scheduling feature.

Here are the topmost Pinterest-centric benefits you get to enjoy when you schedule using Social Champ.

Benefits Of Scheduling Pins On Pinterest Using Social Champ

  1. Increased Traffic With Custom Url & Titles

    Attach links to your web blog or any other website that you own to the pins while scheduling them with Social Champ. The Pinterest API allows you to attach not only links but custom titles as well.

    Custom Url & Titles
    This will enable you to generate high-quality leads that will, later on, convert into customers. From within the content composer, add descriptions as well so that the users would know exactly what your pin is about. Include emojis to make things P-interesting!

  2. Save Time With Bulk Upload

    Using a CSV file, it is incredibly easy to schedule pins in bulk for Pinterest. With the bulk schedule option, upload up to hundred posts easily by including all the pictures, descriptions, posting times, URLs, and titles in one file.

    Save Time With Bulk Upload

    Social Champs runs a complete check on the file to identify any errors that might cause a hurdle while scheduling. It will then notify you, and you can make all necessary changes. Bulk scheduling pins will give save you a truckload of time and allow your social media manager to create more content will all the time.

    It will also save him from pulling late sittings to post at prime time.

  3. Smart Planning With Analytics

    Tracking the progress of your pins will enable you to make better data-driven decisions for Pinterest Marketing. Due to being in the market for more than five years, Social Champ is aware of all the required metrics that matter for higher engagement.

    Get an organized overview of all your followers, pins, and collaborators through one dashboard.

    Smart Planning With Social champ Analytics

    This is why the Social Champ’s algorithm provides you with platform-centric analytics to make comparisons on a weekly and monthly basis. Repurpose top-performing content by posting it again and directly from the dashboard. Plan your next Pinterest Marketing strategy keeping the analytics in mind.

  4. Pinterest Specific Reports

    Social Champ creates reports with easy-to-read and beautiful graphs that will help you keep track of your progress. You can also use the white labeling options to provide your clients with personalized reports as well, or you can just use them to make your meeting notes more enjoyable.
    Pinterest Specific Reports
    Export all the results and graphs in PDF format with a custom logo and title to get an overview in a printable form.

  5. Higher Visibility With Hashtag Manager

    Hashtags are an excellent way to increase the visibility of your content and posts. Use trending hashtags from the Hashtag Manager within the Social Champ’s content composer to increase post visibility.

    Hashtag Manager

    Create, organize, and save groups of hashtags that you can use later on for posts and campaigns.

  6. Image Editor For Stunning Visuals

    Since Pinterest is highly visual, you require high-quality images and videos that can capture the attention easily. Create your own or use ours, and create attention-grabbing boards to nail your lead generation strategy using Social Champ.

    Image Editor with social champ

    From within the Social Champ’s content composer, you can select images and videos from the royalty-free library. Alternatively, you can use your pictures and edit them using the image editor on the tool.

    Image Editor with social champ (2)

    To unlock more unique features, including directly scheduling and posting on Pinterest boards, signup for your free trial on Social Champ. With multiple pricing plans, there is something that fits the needs of all!

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