Top 20 Secret LinkedIn Hacks to Triple Your Business Growth in 2022

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LinkedIn is a hub for professional activities. With over 740 million registered users, vast amounts of member-generated data, and communication channels. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site, and almost every professional on the Earth is on LinkedIn. It’s also not surprising that there are numerous tips on how to use LinkedIn more effectively. For example, having your profile fully complete and optimized, finding connections, scheduling post on LinkedIn, and consistently updating your status. Some of the tips are easily found on Internet, but let’s dive into the secret world of LinkedIn hacks that will blow your mind.

LinkedIn is not for entertainment or frivolous communication.  Users on LinkedIn typically want to connect with like-minded professionals for professional reasons. Before we get down to the LinkedIn hacks that can change your LinkedIn game, let’s first start with some critical questions.

Why Do You Need Linkedin Hacks?

If you are searching for valuable LinkedIn hacks, then you are not alone. Almost every marketer looks out for some clever hacks. With the fierce competition in the market, it’s better to work smarter than harder.  It provides helpful tips on how to make the most of your time on LinkedIn.

We have handpicked some tried-and-tested Linkedin hacks that will boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Ready to explore? Now hold your hot coffee mug, sit back and scroll down for some jaw-dropping hacks.

LinkedIn Hacks for Recruiters

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn has completely transformed the recruitment industry by giving recruiters exceptional access to connect with the infinite clients and desired candidates.

What’s the best part about LinkedIn when it comes to recruiting employees? Recruiters can find anyone with a different set of skills they’re hunting for. Let’s see how you can get the most of the recruitment process.

  1. Consider LinkedIn Mails

    LinkedIn Mails

    Image Source: LinkedIn

    LinkedIn Mails? Sounds like emails, right?

    LinkedIn mails are the similar version of the emails on LinkedIn but for the premium users only. If you have a premium account on LinkedIn, you can send emails to your clients or potential candidates. If you’re on the free version, you can only send direct messages to those you’re already in your connections.

    Inmails are ideal for recruitment and lead generation. The best part is that you can customize your email template and include eye-catchy subject lines to quickly catch your client’s attention. So, when it comes to LinkedIn mails, don’t ignore them. There are many automation tools that can help you in sending emails in bulk. If you’re interested in finding more about them, we have got a list of the best LinkedIn automation tools available for you.

  2. Create and Share Job Post

    Oh! Of course, sounds obvious, right?

    When you are hiring, you create a post and hit the share button, and within a few hours, your comment section is bombarded with so many comments, but you still can’t find the perfect candidate you are looking for.

    Why? Because you are skipping some valuable steps.Create and Share LinkedIn Job Post

    When you create a job post on LinkedIn, make sure to include every possible detail from a job title to the skills required. Just to stand out and attract the optimal candidate, the most important thing is that your job description should align with your brand’s value so that the one ideal and loyal candidate can apply for your job post immediately. Add some questions & make them mandatory for the candidates to fill.

  3. Encourage Referral

    Being a recruiter, do you encourage referrals?

    Suppose your LinkedIn reach is not hefty, then you must definitely encourage the referrals, especially when working with a small organization. Referral links are beneficial in many ways, such as you find the right potential candidate, attracting the topmost talent, and of course, a significant reduction to your cost of advertisement.

    The candidates hired through the referrals tend to spend longer with the company. Moreover, you can even include a note in your job post that if someone knows any potential candidate, then feel free to mention in the comment section.

  4. Go Private

    Oh, wait! Do you know how to spy on LinkedIn? No, here’s a secret LinkedIn hack.

    You have noticed every time someone views your profile, a new notification from LinkedIn pops up, but if you don’t want to reveal your identity, you can go for the private mode.

    The private mode on LinkedIn helps you to stay anonymous so if you don’t want your prospects to know about you, then turn on the private mode.

    Follow the steps, and there you go!

    • Go to LinkedIn’ Settings and Privacy’
    • Tap on ‘Profile viewing Option.’
    • Switch to ‘Private mode.’

    Now, your identity will remain anonymous.Go Private IN LinkedIn Also, you can list down the information of the strong candidates, create an email with an eye-catchy subject line and reach out to them using LinkedIn mails.

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LinkedIn Growth Hacks

It takes a lot of time and effort to expand your LinkedIn reach, but why not minimize your efforts and time using these valuable LinkedIn hacks? Bringing you some effective hacks that will boost up your LinkedIn reach.

  1. Regularly Post Content

    So, what keeps your company’s page active? Regularly posting, right?

    LinkedIn is a free platform with ample opportunities, and most importantly, it helps you attract and engage with your audience. The best way for engagement is to post frequently on LinkedIn. Use a third-party LinkedIn post scheduler to be consistent.

    At least share two to three times on your LinkedIn profile per week and keep your company’s page active and optimized. You can share your valuable insights in the form of textual content or share motivational images, videos or infographics. Moreover, you can engage your audience with LinkedIn polls. Create an exciting post and let your audience vote for the best. Following are the two examples of content you can post on your LinkedIn company page. It all depends on your target audience & marketing niche.Regularly Post ContentTest your Zero Knowledge

    Posting frequently can help you build momentum. Your content will get good reactions, which will eventually help you grow even faster.

Minimize Your Extra Efforts With LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

Lessen down your workload and automate your LinkedIn profile and pages effectively with the best tool available.
  1. Use LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

    Use LinkedIn Scheduling Tool, Of course, it’s pretty challenging to manage all your work together. Why not reduce your efforts and go for LinkedIn scheduling tools like Social Champ. With Social Champ, you can create and schedule your posts at your desired time and day.

    Simply, on the Social Champ dashboard,

    • Create your post.
    • Choose your LinkedIn account.
    • Spice up your post with some hashtags and emojis.
    • Add an eye catchy visual.
    • Schedule it at your desired time.

That’s how incredibly it works!Social champ LinkedIn scheduling

  1. Add a Follow Button

    Most of the companies skip the follow button on their LinkedIn pages. If your company doesn’t have a ‘follow button’ on the LinkedIn page, you need to add it immediately. Follow button helps your audience to follow your page and interact with you.

    If you don’t know how to add the ‘follow button.’ Simply follow these steps.

    • View your page in the admin mode
    • Tap ‘Edit’ in the description
    • Set the Follow button visibleAdd a Follow Button

Also, you can customize your follow button with the option available on LinkedIn. Give your audience a chance to explore your website with this cool LinkedIn hack.

  1. Make your Profile Searchable

    Firstly, if your company’s page is private, then switch it to public. Make everything public. From your blog posts to the company’s insights, keep everything public. This will help LinkedIn to index your company’s page and rank it champ linkedin

    So, if you are optimizing your SEO for LinkedIn, then optimize it for Google as well. For instance, if someone has searched for something specific topic or expertise on Google, then there are chances that your LinkedIn profile might show up.

    That’s the perfect way to get more reach.

  2. Create and Publish Videos on LinkedIn

    What’s the most viral content on LinkedIn? Videos

    Video content is our next pick for LinkedIn hacks. Well, videos content is one of the great sources to catch your audience’s attention, and LinkedIn videos can help you get more impressions than a YouTube video. You can come up with an educational or motivational video, a life lesson, or something entertaining. When creating videos for LinkedIn, keep the following tips in your mind.

      • Try to put essential information at the beginning
      • Don’t forget to include subtitles
      • Choose the perfect video length
      • End your video with a powerful Call to Action

  3. Engage Through News Feed

    So, while scrolling through your LinkedIn feeds you may have noticed if someone from your connections comments or likes a post, it pops in your newsfeed. This is the best part to engage with LinkedIn members so that you can increase your visibility.

    When you comment publicly on a post, everyone can see it either they are in your connection or not. Engaging through a newsfeed can increase your visibility and triple your connections in a short time.

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  1. Follow Company’s HashtagSocial Champ Hashtag

    Do your company’s have its hashtag?

    If yes then leverage the power of hashtags and if no then create a hashtag of your company and utilize it whenever you post something on LinkedIn.

    Well, hashtags perform incredibly on every social media platform. For instance, if someone searches your company by the hashtag then it will appear in the search bar and people can find it. Another super benefit of hashtags is that anyone can follow your company’s hashtag. So, that they can aware of all the activities of the company. Boost up your growth with this amazing LinkedIn hack.

LinkedIn Followers Hacks

If your LinkedIn followers are limited then you need to work on your LinkedIn page. Looking out for ways to triple your followers? It’s time to leverage your LinkedIn with these super LinkedIn Hacks for your followers. Scroll down and have a look on these secret hacks.

  1. Engage in Relevant Conversation

    What’s the point of increasing your followers if you are not engaging in the relevant conversation?

    LinkedIn is a vast platform where you connect with like-minded people. Having a conversation with the LinkedIn professional can boost up your followers. You can start a conversation with your connections by sharing your insights in the comment sections. Moreover, you can tell people about a specific topic and ask them to follow you to learn more. Try to be an active and responsive member if you want to increase your followers.

  2. Mention Influencers

    Who doesn’t admire influencers? Of course, everyone. We all have favorite influencers, right?

    Either you engage in a conversation or create a blog post, mention your favorite influencer or mentors. Moreover, you can create a post and mention the influencer, and even you can go for the different quotes and create an article but don’t forget to tag the relevant influencer. Connecting with the influencers can increase your brand exposure, boost engagement and grow your followers. This LinkedIn hack will definitely multiply your followers.

  3. Post on the Right Time

    If you are posting aren’t getting enough likes or comments, then probably you aren’t posting at the right time. LinkedIn’s audience is different from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, so the best time to post varies.

    Best time to post on linkedInSo, the best time to post on LinkedIn is between (7 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 6 pm). Try to post your content at the ideal times. With the time of the day, the day you will post your content matters as well. Weekends are wrong, so try to post your content on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the ideal times. You can use a social media scheduling tool to schedule your posts at the perfect time when your audience is most active.

  4. Join LinkedIn Groups

    Groups? Yes, groups are the next pick for the LinkedIn hacks.

    LinkedIn groups are considered the most effective strategy to grow your audience. These LinkedIn groups help you attract your audience and give you a chance to increase your followers organically. LinkedIn groups are pretty similar to Facebook groups. People explore and visit LinkedIn groups to post their queries or comment on recent trends. Try to attract your audience by answering their queries. Your valuable responses can add credibility and catch your audience’s attention at first sight.

  5. Use Attractive Cover Photo

    When you visit someone’s profile, what catches your attention at the first?

    The profile picture and the cover photo, right?

    When it comes to making your LinkedIn profile more attractive, then add an eye catchy cover photo with your profile picture. You can choose a perfect cover photo showcasing your skills or something relevant to your profession.

  6. Track LinkedIn Analytics

    Oh, do you track your LinkedIn analytics?

    If not, then you are probably missing out on something essential. LinkedIn analytics can show you how your campaigns are performing on LinkedIn. The best part, these LinkedIn analytics helps you to know which type of your content works best and what type of content attracts your audience.

    So, don’t forget to try out this super LinkedIn hack for better outcomes.

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LinkedIn Search Limit Hacks

If you are among those who search and keep browsing LinkedIn profiles on the free plan, LinkedIn can probably put the brakes on you because there is a limit for a LinkedIn people search option.

Hold on! We have something to share with you, here we are bringing some untold LinkedIn hacks without pouring your money on the premium version. Keep reading to unleash these amazing LinkedIn network hacks.

  1. Find on Google

    Wondering how you can search for someone on LinkedIn using Google? Let us show you how to do so. Consider the example, search for a specific job title, go to  Google search bar, and type ‘marketing manager’ the company name and Linkedin at the end. You will find so many LinkedIn profiles on Google, click on the one you are looking for and find out more.

  2. Right-Click Hack

    So, the next super hack is the right-click hack. Suppose you are having a regular search on LinkedIn, and in this case, you want to be more specific, go to the search option, tap on all filters, select the degree of your connection, place, location, past, and current company. LinkedIn will show you the relevant searches.LinkedIn Job Filters

    Instead of clicking on the profile, go ahead with the correct link and open it in a new tab. Your click won’t be counted because technically, you didn’t click on the profile but opened it in a new tab.

  3. Tap into Hashtag Hack

    So the next, we have ‘tap into hashtag hack.’ This hack is cool.

    Let’s say you will search for a social media marketer. Simply put the hashtag first and then type the specific title. LinkedIn will show you all the relevant profiles with the ‘social media manager‘ in their profiles.LinkedIn Hashtag Hack

Linking It All Up

LinkedIn is one of the exceptional platforms for the professional marketers out there. Once you got t know about the LinkedIn algorithm & these LinkedIn hacks, you will definitely increase your followers and boost up your leads. We have pinpointed some nitty-gritty hacks. You can go through these hacks, work smartly and make the most of them. Do let us know which hack you like the most.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool; use this power to make your networking strong. Use these LinkedIn hacks to level up your game.

Happy Linking!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I keep updated in my LinkedIn profile?

Here is a list of the most important things you need to keep updated

  • Professional Photo
  • List of skills for endorsement
  • Your work experience
  • Powerful headlines

2. What are some benefits of using LinkedIn hacks?

The most significant benefit of using LinkedIn hacks is that it saves your time and effort and helps you to work smartly.

3. How can LinkedIn help me to market your business?

LinkedIn is a free platform for users to build a solid online presence. It is a handy tool for marketing a product or a business as long as you know how to do it right. Knowing how to make the most out of Linkedin will increase your professional network and help you promote your business more efficiently.

4. How many LinkedIn connection requests can I send per day?

You can send 80 to 100 connection requests per day. Make sure you add value to your connection request, ask questions, offer a solution, or share a resource.

5. Why is LinkedIn limiting my connection requests?

LinkedIn places a limit on your connection requests for your security. It makes it impossible to send more than five connection requests in 30 days, and it rejects the other ones. This is designed to help you avoid sending duplicate or inappropriate requests.

6. What is the weekly LinkedIn invitation limit?

This is the new update by LinkedIn. Since March 2021, the number of maximum invitations per week is 100. You can send 100 invitations per week. Previously, it used to be 100 per day.

7. What do 1st, 2nd & 3rd mean on LinkedIn?

These are the type of connections on LinkedIn. 1st-degree connection means people who are directly connected to you when you accept your invitation. 2nd-degree are people who’re connected to your direct connections. 3rd-degree connections are people who’re connected to your 2nd-degree connections.
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